Own the Stock Market

  • Easy to Use
    Our simple UI will provide you with a quick and easy experience.
  • Accurate
    Our artificial intelligence algorithm scans the stock market and social media to make its predictions.
  • Democratized Stock Information
    Stock market research is no longer a privilege to the one percenters. We put the power back in the people.

Mission Statement

Our FalconUp team is currently building an application to help new investors with limited experience trade with less risk, making trading more compelling for new investors.




  • 10 stocks included
  • Limited analysis/tools for other companies



  • Full access to all stocks
  • Extensive analysis and tools for every company



Team Member

Hi, I’m Julia and I’ve been enjoying working on both frontend and backend parts of the app. I also enjoy drawing in my free time.


Team Member

Hi, I'm Enozo, I'm one the first team memebers of falconup and aside from coding I like to play table tennis, golf, and art.


Team Member

Hi, I'm Jminding, I'm the newest member of the team. I joined in late May and I've been working mainly on the UI.

(Yes my profile picture is clear)